Advance Maintenance

We are a specialist synthetic sports surface maintenance company focused on improving the longevity and playability of these types of surfaces.


While synthetic grass has been marketed as a minimal maintenance sports surface, it can be far from this to ensure playability and longevity.


We utilise current international technologies for the routine and advanced maintenance artificial turf maintenance.


We have had many years of operational experience in maintaining sports surfaces and tennis courts, and TurfCare utilise specialised equipment sourced from Europe and locally to undertake the above maintenance and renovation work.


Our latest acquisitions are German made by SMG, specialised artificial turf machinery. This equipment employs:

  • a rotary bush to lift the turf pile,

  • a vacuum turbine to stuck dust and ball lint from the surface and,

  • a vibrating sieve to remove foreign objects and debris from the surface and infill,

  • grooming brush to level infill back into the turf.

  • Spraying for moss and mould is also carried out as part of our service

Stringfield before & after 081119.JPG

Renovations or Rejuvenation

TurfCare also undertake full rejuvenation projects, being less costly than re-laying a surface. This approach radically improves playability, safety and surface aesthetics by removing detritus and replacing contaminated infill.

Where possible a Rejuvenation method can be used can restore a sand filled synthetic turf that has become contaminated, compacted and slow draining or an acrylic surface that has become slippery and unsightly. 


Customers who have used this surface thought that they had to go to the large expense of replacement.  Needless to say they are very pleased with the cost-effective result.


We may be able to bring back to life your old court, just ask.

Some other before & after work...

Repairs require specialised TurfCare attention.  A repaired surface can improve playing environment that makes for an enjoyable experience without the cost of replacement.